Episode 3: Born to Rock, Forced to Work.

So we already talked about one of our biggest passions, guns. Next on that list would be music. That's why Episode 3 is all about music. We sat down with 3 of the guys from the band Winter's Descent to talk about the band, the music scene and a little about working full time jobs while rocking out on the weekends. Zack and I had a great time talking with these guys and hope to have them back again soon. Take a listen. We hope you enjoy listening to as much as we did recording it.

Episode 2: Pew, Pew, Pew! The Gun Episode

The Working Stiffs take on the gun control issue. A little history, a little statistics and a whole lot of drunken opinions. It should be noted that this was recorded the day before the tragic events in Parkland, FL. We decided to continue on with this podcast because while our hearts are broken for the victims and their families our opinions on the rights of all Americans remains unchanged. The debate over guns will continue to go on with impassioned arguments from both sides of the issue, while real sensible solutions will continue to allude us. Thanks for listening and feel free to join the debate on The Working Stiffs Podcast Facebook Group or email us at workingstiffspodcast@gmail.com