Episode 30: Tales From The Rails

Zack invited his friend Adam down to explain to us a little bit about what it’s like to wear a “Grey Collar”. Adam’s job is basically managing hundreds and hundreds of miles of railroad tracks and property. To sum it up, STAY THE HELL OFF THE TRAIN TRACKS!

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Episode 29: Conspiracy Theories 3

Here we go with the conspiracy theories again. The fellas invite Zach Cunningham from Reign of Z back down to the studio talk a little Hollow Earth and The Las Vegas Shooting. Zach also gave us a copy of their newest release, Reflections, off their upcoming EP Mirrors and Memoirs.

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Episode 28: Craft Beer 2

The Working Stiffs are back with another Craft Beer episode. Dave The Beer Guy came in with a selection of locally brewed beers to sample. Zack, although he won't admit it, has taken a few baby steps towards being a craft beer drinker. He called them "tolerable". Dennis Guy of First Sip Brew Box also stopped by the studio. He and his wife Samantha started the first Craft Beer subscription service. Every month they ship out boxes filled with products from craft beer brewers and craft beer related items. Everything from hats and t-shirts to dogs treats made with the spent grains from brewers.

Check them out at

Don't forget to check out Stewards of Beer

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Episode 27: 1st. Anniversary Episode

The Working Stiffs celebrate 1 Year of Podcasting with a huge celebrity guest surprise, Jim Krenn. Jim was the co-host of the #1 morning show in Pittsburgh for 25 CONSECUTIVE YEARS!!!!! Danny goes full "Fan Boy" and recounts his teen years listening to the DVE Morning Show on the way to school every morning. Jim tells some great stories; hanging with Franco Harris, Bruno Sammartino and Donnie Iris, drinking from the Stanley Cup with Phil Bourque and hundreds of Yinzers joining him to find his lost dog, Gizmo.

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Episode 26: Doin' It Live 3

The boys are Doin It Live again. Everyone else is talking about Bird Box so The Working Stiffs weigh in as well. They also cover the Netflix movie Bandersnatch and some of the 2018 Darwin Award winners.

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Episode 25: TruPatriot

The Working Stiffs are kicking off 2019 with Larry and Dale of TruPatriot. TruPatriot is an online clothing company honoring freedom and the men and women who have served to protect it. Like many new companies TruPatriot is all about giving back to the community and lending a hand where it’s needed. Head over to www.trupatriot.org and check out some of their great t-shirts made fully here in the U.S.A.

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Episode 23: Protective Utility Gear, Inc.

The Working Stiffs welcome Mike Zadrozny with Protective Utility Gear, Inc. Some guys saw a need for holster mount, they put their heads together and made it happen. American ingenuity at its finest.

Mike also works in the world of financial management, which took them down several different paths. From being financially fit to starting a small business. Thanks for listening!


Episode 21: Veterans Day

This episode is dedicated to all the men and women who have served in the U.S. Military. What better way for us to honor our Veterans than sit down and listen to a Veteran tell his story of his time in the U.S. Army. SFC. Chuck Putman regales us with stories of his time in the first Gulf War, his time with 101st and some great stories of being a Drill Sergeant. Thank you again to all the men and women who have served. For your dedication, your bravery and most importantly your sacrifice to protect the rights and freedoms we so enjoy as being citizens of the United States of America.

Episode 20: Exploring Craft Beer

Craft beer has been on the rise for the past decade. However, some people choose stay in their comfortable mass produced beer bubble. Zack is definitely one of those people. Dave The Beer Guy brought some beers and his extensive knowledge down to the studio to hopefully broaden Zack's taste in beer. Grab a beer, open a box of Friscuits and enjoy the sounds of Zack gagging on an Imperial Stout aged on espresso beans, chocolate, vanilla and ancho chili peppers. Thanks for listening.

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Episode 18: Conspiracy Theories

Oh Boy! We hope you haven't throw out your foil hat from the first conspiracy theory episode. If you have, make yourself a new one quick! Our special guest this week, Blink from Reign of Z, (Episode 13 go check it out if you haven't already) brings us some mind blowing info about Project Blue Beam while Danny runs down the theories around the fake moon landings. Keep an eye on your cat. It may not be what you think it is. Thanks for listening.

Episode 17: Nursing

What a trip this episode is! All you nurses out there have seen some Sh!t! Literally! Another anonymous guest sits down and gives us a look inside the world of nursing. Wow! Here's a couple things to look out for; the disappearing frog, the foulmouthed motorcycle and the human bubble wrap with the blow hole procedure. We promise our next episode will be far less fecal centric. Thanks for listening!

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Episode 14: Like, The Lost Episode

What was supposed to be a fun, lighthearted look back at the very first time the Working Stiffs cracked a mic and recorded an episode spiraled into the depths of Danny's neuroses. Not only does he tell too many stories, he says "Like" more than any 80's Valley Girl ever has. We hope you enjoy this look back at the very first episode. Thanks for listening.

Episode 13: Reign of Z

The curse of unlucky number 13 has struck The Working Stiffs! Just kidding, this episode is funny as hell. Reign of Z drops into the studio after their stint on the Warp Tour, Shira Girl Stage last weekend. Zosia, Zack and Berg share stories from the road, getting groped on stage and even give an acoustic performance. This is the perfect episode to listen to while waiting for your "Just For Men" to set in your beard. Thanks for listening.